1. Solar / Windmill Boost Charge Controller:
  • Our Standard unit charges 48V Battery from nominal 24V sources (DC or AC)
  • Other source and battery voltages are offered as custom
Our standard 1.5 KW model: charges 48V battery from a 20 to 36V source; DC or AC.
DC source can be powered from nominal  24V Solar panel array or a 24V DC Windmill.
AC Source can be from a single-phase Windmill or a 24V Transformer powered from
115VAC or 230VAC  Utility line or gas generator.

- Voltage Boost Charges 48V Battery from 20 to 36V (DC or AC).
- Output: charge voltage for 48V Battery; Lead acid or Lithium (specify).
- Algorithm: Maximum current charge until battery reaches adjustable value(50 to 60V)
then keep this voltage constant..
- Metering: Charge Current and Battery Voltage displayed digitally.
- LED alarm and status indications.
- Remote Report: Open contact for Fault and Closed contact for Normal operation.
- Remote Control: stops charging on a closed contact.

Back-up Charge Attachment:  
This unit is contains a 1KVA 120V to 24V transformer. It produces 24VAC for above Charge controller from
120VAC (or 230VAC) sources such as a Gas Generator or Utility line.  It is used as back-up charger when the
battery is low and there is no sun.  

The unit is manually switched ON when
the main Solar or Wind source is low.       
2. Small Solar Charge Controller (for 12 or 24V Solar)
Proprietary design uses sun energy (not battery) for its own operation
  • Temperature compensated Automatic Charge for 12V or 24V Battery, up to 15A
  • LED, and isolated closed contact for remote indication of "Charging"  
  • Provides long life for the battery
  • -25 to +55 deg C operation
Solar Charge Controller & its Back-up