1. GreenCharger: Solar / Windmill Boost Charger
  • Charges Battery from any nominal 24V input (DC or AC); including solar panels, windmill or a line/
    generator fed 24V transformer.
  • Standard Model charges 48V Battery from 24V PV & Windmill
  • Other voltages are offered as custom
Our standard 1.5 KW model: charges 48V battery from 24V Solar panel array
and 24V Windmill. It also takes power from a 24V transformer (fed by line
or generator) as its back-up charge.

- Voltage Boost: Charges 48V Battery from any nominal 24V DC or AC (20 to
 36V range)  
- 3 input sources can be concurrently connected.
- Output: 48V Battery; Lead acid and Lithium.
- Constant current charge until battery reaches 58V then keeps this voltage constant. for 30 minutes.
- Metering: Charge Current and Battery Voltage.
- LED alarm and status indications.
- Remote Report: Open contact for Fault, Closed contact for Normal operation.
6. Back-up Generator Charger:
To charge Solar Batteries when there is no sun for a long period. It is a high-voltage / high current charger . Our
standard model charges 48V battery from 115VAC input at 1.5KW. We can also make charger for your battery
voltage at the current you specify as custom.   

Physically, it is either stand alone unit or as submodule to be added internally to any power cabinet such as our

In stand alone format, it is housed in a metal enclosure with 115VAC cord input and Terminal Bock Battery Output.
In submodule format, it is open chassis switch-mode charger with terminal bocks input and output.

This charger produces high current for charging your Solar or Wind power system batteries.  It usually comes with
Lead Acid or Lithium battery  charge algorithm. Other chemistries are supported as custom.

To use with utility line, we can also add an optional timer to charge at off-[peak times.
5. Small Solar Charge Controller
Proprietary design uses sun energy (not battery) for its own operation
  • Temperature compensated Automatic Charge for 12V or 24V Battery, up to 15A
  • LED, and isolated closed contact for remote indication of "Charging"  
  • Provides long life for the battery
  • -25 to +55 deg C operation
Renewable Energy Chargers,
Inverters & Solar Trackers
2. GreenPower Inverter:
This unit produces semi-Sinusoidal 115VAC (or 230VAC) power from 48VDC  Battery.
  • Standard models are 1.5KW and 3.3KW.
  • Battery Under voltage as well as Load Over-current protection
  • Toggle switch turn ON
  • Battery Voltage indication.
  • Remote low battery alarm indication
Input:  48V Battery for standard model; Custom models for 60 to 96V battery.
Output:  Produces 115VAC or optional split-phase 2x115VAC  (230VAC line to line)
Output Power:   1.5KW (15A) for single phase or 3.3KW for split-phase model
Input connections:  terminal blocks as standard. Anderson connector as option
Turn ON: by a toggle switch on the unit; Optional remote ON/OFF switch, along with alarm beeper, using standard
phone wire.
Status Indication: by a Neon lamp  indicating AC output ON.  Remote audible beep before battery low shutdown.
Protections:   Fuses at input and output as well as shutdown protection for output over-current
cooling: Heatsink plus a small fan on the unit.
size:  14x8x3"     
3.  Solar Power Unit (SPU); Charger-Inverter Combo:
The above Solar charger and Inverter are also available as a combination unit called "Solar Unit; SPU". This
unit can be further upgraded by many features such as digital metering, back-up generator charger, solar
tracker electronics, etc to give you a complete green power pant.  

The unit is sold by itself, to add your own renewable energy sources and battery pack or we can supply the
complete kit with Solar Panels and Station Battery.   

SPU has many applications such as Cottage Power, Remote-Site power, EV Charge Station, Pump Power etc.
Click on the pictures below to see details.
4. Solar Tracking Systems
This item is being developed now and will be available soon.