1. Solar Electric Vehicle Charge Station:
This station has a battery to collect energy daytime and charge your vehicle at any time.

It is built on our base SPU with our J1772 EVSE option, 24V-1KW solar panels and a 48V-150AH Lithium
battery pack, BMS plus our optional Back-up charger and our Remote Monitoring panel.

This private Solar Charge Station provides you a system to charge your EV (Electric Car Scooter, Boat,
Truck etc) in your own home, cottage, farm or work.

It comes as Level I (115V 1.5KW) or Level II (230V  3 KW), please specify.

For safety, the station uses J1772 EVSE (115VAC or 230VAC) standard.  It can also feature a Remote
Panel option to Monitor and Control the charge process from a remote site.

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2. On-Board Solar EV Charger (Solar EV):
We can design your custom On-board Solar EV Charger in 2 methods:

I- using a custom DC-DC boost charger converter (directly connected to your EV battery )   
II- using our SPU installed on-board, which outputs 110VAC to the EV on-board Charger by EVSE.

Both methods charge the EV battery directly (no need for extra Station battery). The system can,
however, charge when the vehicle is in sunshine.  This way, you can build an efficient Solar Car,
Truck, Boat, etc.  

Contact us for details ( these are custom products):
Solar EV Charge Systems:
We provide Solar EV Charge Station (for your Garage or Carport)  or  On-board EV Solar Chargers.
As a ready system, we supply  EV Charge Station and the Cottage Power system in our new Power cabinet. It
holds all electronic components, Lithium battery pack and BMS. The only external part is Solar Panel Array.  
As the Station kit,  it includes  our Base SPU and options such as EVSE and back-up Charger.  You need to
add your own at least 24V-1000W solar panels  and  a  48V minimum 7.5KWH station Battery.

For Station Battery, we recommend our Lithium Battery Pack option (48V 150AH LiFePO4 battery plus proper
BMS)   You can also use eight  6V golf cart batteries which is lower in price but it suffers very short life.