Solar Electric Vehicle Charge
1. Off-Board Solar EV Charge ( Solar Charge Station):
Our SPU can provide you a complete Charge Station to charge your EV (scooter, Boat, Electric Car, truck
etc) in your home, cottage or work.  Just add  a J1772 cord, 24V solar panels and a 48V battery pack to it.
We can provide you a complete kit.

This station will have a battery to collect energy daytime and charge your vehicle at night or
cloudy days.

Contact us for details..
Our SPU, installed on-board, can use the EV battery as its station battery. It can provide your solar Charge when
the vehicle is parked or while in motion..  This way, you can build a nice Solar Vehicle (Car, truck,, Boat, etc).  We
can also provide you with other EV electronic parts to build your Solar Electric vehicle such as:
  • Motor Controller.
  • Energy Management and an energy lock (controls speed not to use more power than solar production).
  • Battery Management (BMS)
  • 12V accessory power, with our EV DC-DC Converter.
  • Driver Instrumentation; Metering and alarm announcement.
  • Fusing and Protection

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1. On-Board Solar EV Charge: