Solar Electric Vehicle Charge

This station has a battery to collect energy daytime and charge your vehicle at night /cloudy days.

It is built on our SPU with our J1772 EVSE box/plug, 24V-1KW solar panels and a 48V-200KWH
battery pack (Lead Acid or Lithium).  Its construction is done using pressurized lumber, following
our plans. We can also provide Carport or Garage Model kits.  

This private Solar Charge Station provides you a complete system to charge your EV (scooter,
Boat, Electric Car, Truck etc) in your home, cottage, farm or work.

The station charges your EV with J1772 Level I (117VAC-12A) or Level II ( 240VAC-12A) depending
on the station battery size and the EVSE option ordered.  It also features a Remote Link and Panel
to Monitor and Control the charge process from a remote site.

Contact us for details.
2. On-Board Solar EV Charge (Solar EV):

We can design your custom On-board Solar EV Charger in 2 methods:

I- using a custom DC-DC charger converter (directly connected to your EV battery )        OR
II- using our SPU installed on-board, which outputs 110VAC to the EV on-board Charger.

Both methods charge the EV battery directly (no need for extra Station battery). The system can
charge when the vehicle is parked or while in motion.  This way, you can build an efficient Solar Car,
Truck, Boat, etc.  

Contact us for details:
We provide all Electronics and Construction plans for a Solar EV Carport / Garage as well
as an On-board EV Solar Charge system: