1. Solar Electric Vehicle Charge Station:
This station has a battery to collect energy daytime and charge your vehicle at any time. You can use
it to charge your EV (Electric Car, Scooter, Boat, Truck etc) at your own home, cottage, farm or work.

It is built on our base SPU with our J1772 EVSE option (below) , 24V-1KW solar panels and a
48V-150AH Lithium battery pack and  BMS. Optionally,our  Back-up charger and our Remote
Monitoring panel can be added too.

We can supply this station complete as a turnkey cabinet ( with Solar panels, SPU, Battrey, EVSE and
chargers)  or as a kit (our SPU, EVSE, Chargers) you need toadd Solar panels and battery (48V 150AH
LiFePO4) .
2. On-Board Solar EV Charger (Solar EV):
We can design your custom On-board Solar EV Charger in 2 methods:

I- using a custom DC-DC boost charger converter (directly connected to your EV battery )   
II- using our SPU installed on-board, which outputs 110VAC to the EV on-board Charger by EVSE.

Both methods charge the EV battery directly (no need for extra Station battery). The system can,
however, charge when the vehicle is in sunshine.  This way, you can build an efficient Solar Car,
Truck, Boat, etc.  

Contact us for details ( these are custom products):
Solar EV Charge Systems:
We provide Solar EV Charge Station (for your Garage or Carport)  or  On-board EV Solar Chargers.
As Station kit: includes our Base SPU , solar charger and our EVSE.  You need to add minimum 24V-1000W
solar panels and minimum 48V-150AH battery plus our optional Remote Monitor and Back-up charger.  
J1772 EVSE: EV Charge Supply Box and Plug:
It provides safe EV charge, from an standard  120V or 240V AC source, via its
standard J1772 gun. Using it with our SPU, creates an excellent Charge Station.

We have 2 Models:

EVSE 1: provides EV Charge at 120VAC at 12A (~1.5KW).
EVSE 2: provides EV charge at 240VAC at 12A (~3KW).  

The unit input is standard AC plug ( 115V or 230V). So, it can
be interchangeably used on any AC source as well as our SPU.

The unit output is a J1772 charge gun (12A).

The unit indicates its Status on LEDs and the Charge Current on an Ammeter.