Solar EV Products by Auto Control Lab Inc.
Solar Power Systems  and  Solar EV Charge Stations
For these  projects, we supply our Turnkey Solar Power Systems (SPU)
kits of  its modules and options to build your own Power systems.
2. Our Base (SPU):

Alternatively, we offer Electronic parts kit for a Solar Cottage Power system or a
Private EV Charge Station for your own system. Our Base Solar Power
Electronics Unit (SPU)
is the main part of this kits. It has Voltage Boost Charge
Controller, Pure Sine Inverter, Fuses, Switches and Meters all in an attractive
wall-mount box (size 12x12x4 inches).

Externally adding Solar Panels, Station Battery and our application options,  you will
have a complete Solar Power system for you particular project.  
3. SPU Options: To build your application system, you may need to add some of the
following options to our base SPU (click on titles for details).
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1. Our Turnkey Solar Power Cabinets:  

It comes in two versions:  Off-grid Cottage Solar Power Cabinet and  Private
Solar EV Charge Station
.   They are  assembled, have station battery , tested  
and ready to work.  Just add   24V 1KW Solar Panels externally.    

This cabinets is 30" x 21" x 12" in size and contains Charge Controller, Pure
Sine Inverter, Back-up Charger, 48V- 7.5KWH Lithium Station Battery, and all
, Fuses, Meters plus ordered Application Options.