Green Power Systems:

We can provide solar and wind power systems for cottages, RV and Remote
locations (collectively called Cottage Power).

We can do this in 2 ways:

1.  Using our Turnkey Solar Power Cabinet:

This cabinet has a boost Charge controller which can
take input from nominal 24VDC (solar panels) and
from 24VAC  (back up transformer or 24VAC windmill).

And it has a pure sine inverter which produces
115VAC 1.5KW or 230VAC 3KW.

So, it is an excellent power plant for a cottage or RV.
Just needs 24V 1KW solar panels externally.

Using Our Base SPU and Back-up Charge option:

Our base SPU is a Solar Charger-Inverter combo plus other useful features such
as Fuses, Switches, Metering, etc.   

Just Add Solar Panels and Station battery externally.

For Solar Panels, it takes parallel array of nominal 24V
Panels (500W  to 1.5KW).  This way, it uses popular
economic panels and avoids partial shading shut downs.

For Battery, it takes nominal 48V Lead-Acid or Lithium
(LiFePo4) Battery pack. For most applications, 200AH Lead
Acid (8 golf Cart sets) or 150AH LiFePO4 is used.

The internal Boost Charge Controller, raises Solar Panel Voltage to charge the
48V battery.  

As options, SPU takes Back-up Charger and Remote Panel for Green Power Plant
applications .

2 Models are available: SPU1 can produce 120VAC 12A at output and SPU2 can
produce  230VAC 12A at output.            

Click "Prices & Ordering"  to order and prices.
Small Solar Power Supply Unit (SSPU):

This is a small solar power unit. It contains a 12V-100W solar
panel,  a 12V 100AH Battery, a 10A charge controller and a
400W 12VDC to 115VAC Inverter.   

It is basically a portable power source to be used in job sites for
lights and power tools. Contact us to design it for you.
House Application: Furnace Back-up:
You will not have heat if power is out.  The gas or oil furnace needs 120VAC to operate.
Our Solar Power Systems can be used to power your home furnace fan when utility power is out.  

Just wire your furnace to a plug and install 2 outlets nearby (one wired to utility and the other to SPU).  You can run
the furnace from either one by plugging into the outlet which has power.


Back-up Generator Charger:
SPU features an auxiliary 24VAC Charge input port.  It is used for charge station
battery from a 24VAC source.   Such 24VAC source can be a
single phase
24VAC Windmill
or a Transformer fed from 115VAC gas generator/ line.   

We can supply this optional 24VAC-1KW transformer for SPU back-up charge
EVSE Box and Plug:
It provides safe EV charge from any 120VAC or 240VAC source via
its standard J1772 gun.  Using it with our SPU,  provides Solar charge
EVSE 1: provides EV Charge at 120VAC at 12A (~1.5KW).
EVSE 2: provides EV charge at 240VAC at 12A (~3KW).  

Both models indicate Status (EV Connected and Charging) on LEDs
and the Charge Current on an Ammeter.  
Remote Monitoring/Control Panel:
An optional Remote Panel indicates the status of SPU, displays key
electrical parameters (Vbat, Icharge, lLoad). It also has switches to turn
Charger and Inverter ON or OFF.   

This panel is connected to SPU via an standard 4-conductor phone wire
(up to 100 meters). This wire communicates data and provides Power to
Remote panel from SPU (no battery required).  
Remote Monitoring/Control on Cell Phone:
With this app, you can monitor and control SPU from anywhere via Internet.  

The app provides graphical display of Battery voltage (Vbat), Charge
Current (Ichg) and Load Current (Iload) as well as LEDs to show if charger
or inverter are ON.   It also provides graphical switches to turn Charger
and  Inverter ON or OFF.

The option consists of an app for your cell phone and a small board to
be added to SPU.  You need internet service (wireless WIFI access) at
SPU site to use this option.