Applications are numerous ( as shown in the images below)
  • Totally power a small property (cottage, workshop, plant, RV, etc)
  •  Partially power your house, on a dedicated circuit,  to lower electricity cost.
  •  Power your furnace fan during black-outs.
  •  To Charge your EV
  •  To Power a remote pump, transmitter, fish pond, etc
Solar Power Unit (SPU):

Our SPU contains complete Control Electronics for an Off-Grid Solar Power system.  It
is a Solar Charger-Inverter combo plus other useful features such as: Metering,
Back-up Generator Charger, Windmill Charger, Remote Monitor etc.  

You can build your Solar Power Plant by adding 24V-1KW panels and a 48V
Battery pack to SPU..

SPU also features a 24VAC back-up input port.  You can connect this port to a
single-phase 24VAC -1KW
Windmill  or to a 24VAC Transfomer fed by a gas

SPU can be easilly used to build a
Complete Off-Grid Solar-Wind Power Plant or a
Solar EV Charge Station ( by adding our optional J1772 Interface and plug).
  • Parallel connection of 24V Solar Panels; for ease of wiring and to avid partial shading shutdown.
  • 48V Station Battery (Lead acid or Lithium) typically 5 to 10KWH).
  • Internal Voltage Boost Solar Charger to charge 48V station battery from 24V panels
  • 1.KW Back-up charge 24VAC port: from a single-Phase Windmill  or a Transformer fed from a
    Generator or Line  (3-phase Windmill is supported by an optional interface).
  • Rugged 95% Efficient 2KW Pure Sinusoidal Inverter to power 115V loads (Model 1)  or
        4KW split phase Inverter for 230VAC loads (Model 2).  
  • Remote Low Battery Beeper, Power ON LED and Remote inverter Switch
  • Optional 48V-40A Battery Management System (BMS) for using Lithium battery.
  • Optional J1772 Cord and Plug for EV Charge  
  • SIZE:  12” x 12"x 4"  cabinet       
Small Solar Power Supply Unit (SSPU):

This is a small solar power unit. It contains a 12V-100W solar
panel,  a 12V 100AH Battery, a 10A charge controller and a
400W 12VDC to 115VAC Inverter.   

It is basically a portable power source to be used in job sites
for lights and power tools.
Furnace Back-up with SPU:

SPU can be used to power home furnace fan when utility
power is out.  

Just have 2 outetts wired to utility and SPU.  You can run
furnace from either by plugging into either outlets.
SPU Back-up Generator Charge:
SPU features an auxiliary 24VAC Charge input port.  It is used for charge station
battery from a 24VAC source.   Such 24VAC source can be a single phase
24VAC Windmill or a Transformer fed from 115VAC generator/ line.   

We can supply this optional 24VAC-1KW transformer for SPU back-up charge.