- Solar panel (standard) connection terminals to connect up to four 24V- 250W solar panels (1KW total)  
- Windmill (optional): terminals for a 24V, 1KW windmill; 3-phase AC, Single Phase AC or DC type.
- Back-up Generator: Optional 1KW switch-mode charger from a 115VAC gas Generator or Line.

Model 1: One standard 115VAC outlets, up to 15A capacity.  
Model 2: Two 115VAC, 15A outputs at 180 deg phase difference OR  one line to line for 230VAC-3.3KW ouput.
They are all protected by internal fuses.

Digital display of battery voltage and battery Charge current on the unit.
Remote Control:  Beeper to indicate low station battery,  LED to indicate AC on and Remote switch to turn the
inverter ON.

STATION BATTERY PACK:   48V-200AH Lead Acid or Lithium (about 10KWh).

BMS:  Resistor-bypass type  BMS For Lithium battery

Solar CHARGER:  1KW Voltage Boost Solar-Wind Charger (to charge 48V battery pack from 24V panels or  
from windmill).

INVERTER:  single(Model 1)  or dual (Model 2) 48V to 115VAC, 1650W each. Dual option can provide 230VAC-

- Switches to turn system charger and inverter ON and Digital Battery Voltmeter and Ammeter
- Lamps for status (Charging and Output power ON)
- Station Battery Voltage and its Charge Current Metering on a 2-line LED Digital meter on unit     
SIZE:  12” x 12"x 4"  cabinet
TYPICAL APPICATIONS: Cottage Power, Local Site Power and Solar EV Charge Station:

SPU can be easily used to power a small building such as a cottage or workshop as well as charge for
your EV.  We can even add an optional J1772 cord to it.

The station battery makes it possible to have power, or charge your EV, at night or cloudy days.

We also offer a lower power Solar Charge Station to charge a scooter or an electric boat . This station
contains only one 12V-100W panel and one 12V-200AH station battery.
Solar Power Unit (SPU):
Our stand alone Off-Grid Solar Power Unit is a charger-Inverter combo plus other
useful features (Metering, Back-up Generator Charger, Remote Monitor etc). It is
used to form your
Off-Grid Solar-Wind Power Plant or EV Solar Charge Station
by just adding solar panels or windmill and a battery pack.

We can also supply you the complete kit (panels,batteries, etc.).

SPU can be used for:
  • Totally power a small property (cottage, workshop, plant, RV, etc)
  •  Partially power your house, on a dedicated circuit,  to lower hydro cost.
  •  Power your furnace fan during black-outs.
  •  To Charge your EV
  •  To Power a remote pump, transmitter, fish pond, etc
  • Parallel connection of 24V Solar Panels; for ease of wiring and to avid partial shading shutdown.
  • 48V Station Battery (Lead acid or Lithium) typically 10 KWH) uses AWG10 wires for battery.
  • Internal Voltage Boost Solar Charger to charge 48V station battery from 24V panels
  • Optional Internal back-up charger from a 115VAC Generator or Line; up to 1KW
  • Rugged & 96% Efficient 1.65KW Inverter to power 115V loads (Model 1) or 3.3KW split phase 2 x
    115VAC or  230VAC.  
  • Remote Low Battery Beeper, Power ON LED and Remote inverter reset Switch
  • Optional 24V Windmill (DC, 1 or 3 Phase) Input; up to 1KW
  • Timer for Line back-up Charge at off-Peak times
  • Battery Management System (BMS) for Lithium battery
  • optional J1772 Cord for EV Charge            
Portable Solar Power supply:

This cart contains a 12V-100W solar panel,  a 12V 100AH deep cycle Battery, a 10A charge
controller and a 500W 12VDC to115VAC Inverter.   It is basically a portable power source to be used
in job sites for lights and power tools.