•   BATTERY FUEL GAUGE: Full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 and Empty indicated by colored LED lamps.
  •   SPEED : displayed on 7-segment LED display; calculated from motor voltage or from a sensor.
  •   LED Indication of Turn Signal Lights, Seat Belt warning, High Beam, etc.
  •   Optional Battery Voltage / Current indication on 7-segment LED Displays.
  •   Key Switch for motor operation.
  •   Enclosed Two tone Electronic Horn  
  •   Light and other Accessory Switches.
  •   Provides simple Installation and orderly wiring of EV electrical systems.
  •   Low Cost and Easy to install ( Connectors and Wiring diagrams supplied).

This unit can also be custom designed for your vehicle.
EV Gauge & Instrument Panel
Attractive Driver Panel Featuring All Indications and Controls:
Custom EV System Design and Engineering:

We will design and build a modular electrical system engineered for your electric vehicle (scooter, boat, cart,
etc).  It will use command devices of your choice.
All components, of your EV, will be attached with minimum number of connectorized cables.  This provides
uncluttered and safe vehicle wiring and frees the vehicle Designer from electrical engineering concerns.

Contact us for customizing one for your vehicle.
EV Throttles
5K ohm POT-Type Throttles for EV Motor Controllers:

  •    Two or 3 wire 0-5K pot-box.
  •    Spring Loaded  Foot Pedal and  Pull-Wire models    
  •    Friction loaded model for bidirectional controllers (EVRTC and BLDC).
  •    Optional Micro-switch installed at certain positions; opens when throttle is released.
  •    Small and Low Cost.
  •    can be mounted on a vertical or horizontal surface with two screws.
  •    Size:3x2x1 inches for foot-pedal model. 2.5x2.x1 inches for pull wire & friction models.  
  •   All models with 0.5 inch extended mounting flange. The handle is 4" long for wire model
            and has a 2.5"x1.3"pedal for foot model sizes custom).
  •    Weight under 1 lb
  •    Construction Aluminum or Galvanized steel.