This Converter is used to power 12V Accessories, or cross charge a 12V battery them, from high DC voltages
encountered in  EV or Solar Power System.  It features:

  •  Nominal 12 VDC output (POT adjustable 11 to 15V).
  •  High Voltage input: 50 to 400 VDC, specified upon order.
  •  Internal relay to switch high-voltage input OFF by Key-switch
  •  Light and Small: 8x4x2.25 inches, 2 lb
  •  Cross charges Accessory Battery in an EV from HV traction battery.
  •  Provides up to 20 Amps
  •  Auto-Restart
  •  Current Limited
  •  Efficient and Low Stand-by Current
  •  Well filtered and Clean output current.
  • Good regulation (less than 5% against input and load variations).
  • Operation environment -20 to 50 deg C.
Electric Vehicles, E-boats, Solar Power, etc
Inverters & Converters
For Low voltage DC conversion (below 50V),  you can use Non-Isolated DC-DC


Convert 24 to 48V DC Input to Adjustable 12V DC-DC Output:

  •  Non-Isolated converters have common negatives in input and output.                  
  • They convert your specified input voltage to adjustable 12V (10-17V)
  • Output currents of 3 to 20A (specify) are available.
  • Small, Efficient and Low Cost.
  • Optionally potted with flame retardant / water proof plastic.

TRUCK MODEL:  A 24 to 12V model, with 2A output, is available to power a
12V stereo, or computer, on-board trucks or buses having 24V electrical systems.

  • our Standard models are 2KW for 115V output  and 4KW split phase.
  • Battery Under voltage as well as Load Over-current protection
  • Toggle switch turn ON
  • Digital Battery Voltage and Current indications.
  • low battery battery alarm indication

Input:  48V Battery for standard model; Custom models for 60 to 96V battery.
Output:  Produces 115VAC or  split-phase 2x115VAC  (230VAC line to line)
Output Power:   2KW (15A) for single phase or 4KW for split-phase model
Turn ON: by a toggle switch on the unit; Remote ON/OFF switch and alarm beeper, using standard phone wire.
Status Indication: LED  indicating AC output ON.  Remote audible beep before battery low shutdown.
Protections:   Fuses at input and output as well as shutdown protection for battery under-voltage or  output
cooling: a small fan on the unit.
size:  14x8x3"