Motor Controllers & Throttles
We make Speed Controllers for Brushed and Brush-less DC motors. They are
Unidirectional or BI-Directional

They all feature:
  •    Over-Current, Under-Voltage and Thermal protection.
  •    High Pedal Disable.
  •    Firmware based to meet any custom Acceleration/ Deceleration.
  •    Optional Input from BMS to shutdown after a timeout

See our throttles at the bottom of this page
Large Controllers:
Models for 24 to 200V with 500A Current limit.
Used for Car Conversions, Electric Trucks, etc.
- Uses 5K POT type throttle
- Isolated Key input to use 12V Accessory Battery to power Key-switch.
- 10KHz Chopping frequency.
- current limit shutdown..
- Size 11x7x3.5 inches and weight  6 lb.
- Brass Bolts for power and Screw Terminals for Pot and Key
Medium Size Controllers:
24 to 200V with 200 Current Limit. For Golf Carts, Garden Tractor,
E-Boats, Solar Cars, School Project Cars, etc.
- Uses 5K Pot or Hall effect type throttle.
- It features internal HV to 12V Converter  for Key switch.
- 10KHz chopping frequency
- Analog Current limit with digital shutdown back up.
- Uses Copper rods for power connection.
- Size 8x6x2.2  inches and Weight less than 5 lb
Small Controllers:
- 12 or 24V with 55A limit;  
-  It is used for Scooters, Electric Bikes, Tricycles,    
Go-Carts and other small vehicles.
- Uses  Quick-Connect lugs for power connections.
- Uses 5-pin header connector for Key, Brake input and Throttle.
- 4KHz chopping frequency
- Size 4.5"x3.5"x1"   Weight less than 3/4 lb.
- Environment -30 to 50 deg C.
- Low Cost, Rugged and Easy to Use.
For 24 to 72V Motor with 50 to 200A Current Limit
(other voltage and currents as custom order).
- Fully Solid State
- For Electric Boat, Sail Boat docking or Industrial Truck applications
requiring quick direction change.
- Two types of Speed and Direction commands are offered (specify):
I. Use 5K Pot for both; stops at 2.5K, above 2.5K goes
forward an higher faster, under 2.5K goes reverse and lower faster).
A lever type throttle is offered for this type(see photo blow).

II. A toggle switch for direction change and a POT for speed.

- Internal DC-DC Key Converter to produce 12V from HV Battery.
- Copper Rods for Power connections.
- Header connector for control (POT and Key).

Ideal for Sailboat Docking & Industrial Trucks going frequently back and forth
Potbox Throttles
5K ohm POT-Type Throttles for EV Motor Controllers:

  • Two wire 0-5K potbox..
  • Foot Pedal or Pull-Wire Models:  spring loaded for unidirectional controllers.
  • Friction loaded model: like wire type but with a knob on arm instead of wire lever.
   Designed for our EVRTC bidirectional controller (best to use on E-boats).
  • Optional 5Amp Micro-switch: opens when throttle is released.
  • Small and Low Cost.
  • can be mounted on a vertical or horizontal surface with two 8-32 screws.
  • Sizes: 3x2x1 inches for foot-pedal model.   2.5x2.x1 inches for pull wire and   
   friction loaded models.  
  •  0.5 inch mounting flange.
  • The handle is 4" long for wire model and has a 2.5" x 1.3" pedal for foot model.
  • Weight under 1 lb
  • Construction Aluminum and Galvanized steel.

• Uses 5K POT or Hall-effect throttles.
• Direction reverse; either by Pot (Pot center-stop, clockwise forward
and anti-clockwise reverse) or by a toggle switch(Pot used for speed).
• Aluminum enclosure as standard package; optionally Potted.
• Specified as BLDC voltage- Current limit. For example  BLDC24V-50A.
• Brake input:  cuts motor power when a brake contact closes.
• Tachometer output: produces pulses at motor RPM rate.
• Over-current and over-temperature protected.
• Applications for hub motors used in electric bikes, scooters,        
motorcycles, min-cars, etc.
These controllers output 3-phase AC to drive a brushless DC motor as function of Hall-Effect sensors of the   
motor. They are used for industrial brushless DC motors as well as brushless Hub motors of modern EVs.

They are electronically reversible by 2 methods (described above).

They may feature extra signals; such as brake input (to cut the motor power) and tachometer output for EV      

Also they have internal HV to 12V converter to power the key switch.

- Input Battery Voltage:  standard  24 to 60V battery (other votage / current custom)
- 5K Pot or Hall-effect type throttle compatibility (specify which)
- Motor Current:  ordered for current limits in 30 to 200A range, above which over-current protection cuts the
- Motor Power Wiring:  3 power wires which output 3-phase AC to the motor.
- Motor Position Sense: 5 -wires; 5V, GND and 3 sensor position readings.
- Closed contact for Brake input, it cuts the power to the motor.
- Tachometer 12V pulse; at the rate of motor RPM.
- Over current and over-temperature protected
1. EVRTC:  Bi-Directional (4- Quadrant) Controller
for Brushed DC Motor
3.  Uni-directional Speed Controller for
    BrushedDC Motor
Reversible Controllers for 24 to 60V Brushless motors with 30 to 200A current limits
Check our EV Charger Pages too for your project.