Line /Generator Battery Chargers
These Isolated Switch-mode chargers are used as:
  • on-board EV charger,
  • Solar-Wind Power back-up Generator/ Line Charger
  • any intelligent High-Voltage industrial charger.

They feature:
  • Firmware-based Charge Algorithm; easily changed by a new chip
  • Short Circuit and Wrong Battery Polarity protected.
  • Ambient Temperature compensated
  • LED and Beeper indication of State of Charge and Alarms
  • Pulsed equalization phase
  • Input from BMS to lower Charge current (refere to our BMS page).  
EVC207: 3KW Isolated Power-Factor-Corrected On-Board Charger
Ordered for 48V to 200V Battery from 115VAC, 208VAC or 230VAC
This compact Isolated Charger is POWER FACTOR CORRECTED (PFC):
It takes wide input voltage range (90 to 260VAC) and draws only
sinusoidal input current (so, your hydro meter registers useful energy).

Input Voltage:     90 to 260VAC
Output Voltage:  up to equalization voltage of the ordered battery (190V for 144V battery).
Output Current:  3000W  divided by absorb voltage. For example, 45A for 84V battery.
Efficiency:  at least 90%
Isolation:  The line input and battery output are galvanically isolated.
Controls: Standard unit has no operator Controls. It automatically performs a multi-stage charge.
Firmware upgrades: is factory provided for future battery chemistries, upon or after purchase.
Temperature Sensor: Internal  sensor measures ambient temp.
Charge Phase Indications: by 3 LEDs.
Protections: Against over-current, over-heating and  reverse battery connection.
Alarm:   Beeper to attract attention upon faults.
Size & Weight::  12x8x3.5 inches,     8 lb.
(Ordered for 24 to 160V Battery from 115V)

This charger features are same as EVC207 except it has lower power (1.2KW),
has no power factor correction (efficiency 85%) and  It is offered for 115VAC only.

  • This charger is used in our SPU as back-up Generatot Line Charger.
  • Sealed models of these chargers are also available for boat and wet

See our:

The algorithm offered in these chargers is as follows:
RAMP PHASE: The charger starts by ramping from 0 Amp to its maximum current.
BULK PHASE:  It feeds  maximum current, to battery,  until its voltage reaches ABSORB value.
ABSORB PHASE: Keeps the battery voltage at ABSORB value. As battery is charged, current drops.
EVC207 charger features an equalization phase at this stage where for 3 minutes, 2.55V / cell is applied
for 30 sec and removed for 30 sec.
COMPETE PHASE:  It stops or optionally goes to FLOAT Mode (lower constant voltage phase).
EVC101:  500W Switch-mode charger:
- Compact Isolated charger ordered for 24 to 48V battery of small EV (Scooter, etc).
- It provides 500W charge ( 10A for 36V battery)
- It automatically provides Maximum Constant Current and Constant Voltage phases.
- Compact (8x4x2 inches and 2 lb)
- Low Cost
- Bulk and Absorb charge cycles.
EV Motor Controllers
EV DC DC Converter
EVC203: 1.2KW Isolated Switch-Mode EV Charger: