About Us
About Our Business:

ElectroCraft  Systems was incorporated in 1995 to provide Electronic Products for Electric Vehicles
and Renewable Energy as well as Design Services in Power Electronics.

The mandate was to Design-Manufacture innovative Chargers, Controllers and Instruments to help
advance the Electric Transportation and Sustainable Energy fields towards a better world to live in.  

The founder, Darius Vakili, P.Eng.  has a Master's degree in Power Electronics and Microprocessor
Control.  He has  over 30 years of experience in Design and Manufacturing products and systems
which combine these two technologies.

The company has also bright Engineers and Technicians, such as  Farzin Sepehri, Steven
Goodwin,  Henry Kozlowski, Jana Lackova  and Shawn Gu plus many consultants in EV, Solar
Energy and Electronics fields.

Further, the company works with,  and is associated with,  many organizations in EV, Sustainable
Energy and general Engineering; such as Electric Vehicle Society of Canada,  Durham Electric
Vehicle Association,   University of Toronto Power Engineering group,  National Research Council of
Canada, Ontario Battery Services, CNC Metal Fabrication, Generation PV and Ontario Solar/Wind
Energy Society, etc.

PLANT and Sales:                                                               
101 Amber Street, Unit 3
Markham, ON   L3R 3B2
Tel 416  937 6685

BUSINESS OFFICE                                                                       
23 Paperbirch Drive  
Toronto, ON    L4B-3L4           
Tel  416  391 5958