Single Cell Battery Board                                             4-Cell Battery Board    
Battery & Battery Management Systems (BMS)
We design and Build Custom battery packs using state-of-the-art prismatic
LiFePO4 cells.  We also design innovative BMS which feature:

Cell protection by automatically disconnecting of load or charger when a cell
becomes undercharged or overcharged.

Cell Balancing by switching automatic resistor across the cell which is near full
charge. This resistor absorbs part of the charge current so that its full charge is
delayed and other cells catch up.
Battery Packs:

We assemble battery packs by connecting 150AH or larger  prismatic LiFePo4 cells in series configuration . We use
high-quality bus-bars and connectors and put them mechanically  strong cabinets.   Our most popular battery is 48V-
150AH LiFePO4 battery used in our Solar power unit.

Price Battery +BMS+cabinet  CAN$3000   US$2200

For lower cost systems, we use 8 golf cart Lead acid batteries.

Price   Lead Acid Battery+ Battery Box    CAN$1600   US$1100

On our  48V-150AH  LiFePO4 battery pack, we use a 100A 16S BMS board which switches charge / discharge currents with
a MOSFET array. .

We also offer single cell or 4-Cell BMS board.  These boards are installed on the battery.  They do the balancing locally
and signal the Charge Controller and Inverter to switch OFF, the ongoing charge or discharge, if a cell goes too high or low.

Cell status is shown by LED lamps.