Single Cell Battery Board                                                     4-Cell Battery Board    
Battery Management Systems (BMS)
Our Modular BMS board protects Lithium Batteries cells against over-
charge and under-discharge. It also helps balance cells on every charge.

Cell protection is performed by automatic disconnection of load or charger
when a cell becomes undercharged or overcharged.

Balancing is performed by switching a resistor across the cell which is
near full charge. This resistor absorbs part of (say 10%) of the charge
current so that its full charge is delayed and other cells catch up.
This simple BMS comes as single cell board or 4-Cell board (for a 4-cell battery).  These boards are installed close to the
battery and connects to all battery cells.  The load and charger are also connected to the BMS board (not directly to the
battery). MOSFET switches, on these boards, turn the charge current and load current ON or OFF for battery protection..

Cell status is shown by an LED (OFF means normal ON means Over or Under-voltage)